battery diaphragm

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New energy vehicle power battery is one of key parts, and nickel metal hydride batteries has discharge capability, good low temperature performance, higher than the power is the most mature technology, the first commercial vehicle power battery, domestic industrialization progressing smoothly.

The cell membrane is one of the key materials of power battery.Is the company's products by the company independent research and development, USES the gas phase sulfonation technology, wet/cloth manufacture, performance reached the level of similar products abroad.From technical, base fabric, properties are at the international advanced level reached the international advanced level, to break the technical barriers of foreign companies on the product and market monopoly.

In addition to this product in ni-mh power battery, super capacitor batteries (nickel electrode) should be on the outside, also can be applied in ni-mh battery, storage battery, military nimh batteries, power tools batteries, nickel cadmium nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc

the process principle

Sulfonation process is a kind of to the membrane materials of the organic molecules introducing sulfonic group chemical process, it is in the SO3 gas phase or sulfuric acid liquid medium, the result of the reaction on polyolefine molecular chain was grafted amount sulfonic group, and sulfonic group usually by S atomic attached directly to the C of the polyolefin organic molecules, and thus significantly improve the hydrophilicity of polyolefin organic molecules.